Respiratory Illness in Dogs


Dear Partners Animal Hospital West Loop Clients,   As you may have heard, there is a respiratory illness that is affecting our canine companions. There is no need for panic, but we wanted to provide you with some additional information.   We are still learning about this illness, but what we do know is that it mimics…

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How Long are Heat Cycles in Dogs? 


As a responsible pet owner in Chicago, understanding your dog’s heat cycle is crucial for her health and wellbeing. This blog aims to provide you with essential information about the heat cycles in dogs, helping you better care for your furry friend. For personalized guidance and veterinary services, Partners Animal Hospital West Loop is here…

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? 


As a pet owner, you might have noticed your furry friend munching on grass during your walks or backyard adventures. This behavior, common among dogs, often raises questions and concerns. At Partners Animal Hospital West Loop, we understand your desire to ensure the well-being of your beloved pet. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons…

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Foods Dogs Can Eat on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time of joy and gratitude, shared with family, friends, and of course, our beloved pets. While we indulge in a feast, it’s natural to want to include our furry friends in the celebration. However, not all traditional Thanksgiving foods are safe for dogs. This blog will guide you through dog-friendly choices that…

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