International Pet Travel Certificates in West Loop, Chicago, IL

Are you planning to travel out of the country with your pet? It takes time to get everything in order, and we hope to make it just a little bit easier for you by providing an international pet travel certificate form that you can complete here on our website.

First, we recommend visiting the US Department of Agriculture’s website, which offers helpful resources to ensure a safe and low-stress travel experience for your pet and for you.

Complete the form below as soon as you can to make sure your pet’s paperwork can be compiled in time for your travels. Once our team receives your completed form, we’ll contact you about scheduling any remaining services your pet needs before you leave and go over the necessary documents for traveling. Call us today at (312) 767-4762 if you have questions or need an appointment!

International Health Certificate Form

International Travel Form
Owner's Name
Owner's Name
Are you a new client?
Who is accompanying your pet while traveling?

List the address(s) and phone number(s) in the destination country where your pet will stay during the visit:

How is your pet leaving the United States?

What date is your pet leaving the United States and from where (last air or seaport in the U.S.)?


Pet Information

Does your pet have a microchip?
When was your pet's last Rabies vaccination?
Does your destination country require an import permit?
Does your pet have an EU (European Union) Pet Passport?
Did your airline or cruise ship give you any additional travel requirements for your pet?

There is a list of countries that allow the health certificate to be submitted electronically. That list can be found at Under the drop down option of "Choose your destination country", click the hyperlink titled "Country Acceptance List for VEHCS". Please continue below:

Does the destination country allow electronic signatures?
Continue below
Please re-read the instructions carefully
If the destination country does not allow electronic endorsement:

  • Please obtain a prepaid express / overnight shipping label with YOUR address in the TO and FROM section (for example, FedEx or UPS).
  • You will need to schedule the health certificate appointment with enough time for the certificate to be returned. Do NOT wait until the day before travel.
  • Please bring the shipping label with you to the appointment.